Das Projekt für Internationale Musik

- Intransit - just for fun and friends -

Musik aus Dudensen, Neustadt am Ruebenberge Deutschland,
wurde von Reiner Rohde in der Zeit zwischen Februar 2007 und April 2010 produziert und gemanaged.


37 musicians from the nations of : Germany - Netherlands - France - Scotland - Sweden - Egypt - Turkey - Iran - Sri Lanka - Tibet - USA - Australia respectively of the five Continents : Europe - Asia - Africa - America - Australia - took part in the project.

Almost all of the songs have been produced with musical friends and members of Reiner's family who accompanied him over many years. Most of the compositions were played and recorded live during two years, in Neustadt - Dudensen. The DVD includes an one hour film with interviews and sections by the playing musicians. A 12 pages booklet, introduces all the artists. The music belongs to the classical and traditional category, according to their culture. Their own expression was developed and created during the meeting of different cultures and session moments.

The Cast :
Christine Spranger - Katja Bergstöm - Laura Patchen - Alyth McCormack - Gea Maranke - Susanne Cloos - Uli Meinholz - Frauke Hohberger -
Claudia Gerlach - Linda Idelenburg - Jana Drechsler - Nicole Neuhäuser - Heike Spencker-Gyamfi - Isa Wichmann -
Reiner Rohde - Deniz Rohde - Jürgen Sonnenburg - Jan Sonnenburg - Reiner Stelzner - Jörn Räuber - Henrik Haak - Jan Bergström -
Mustafa Erdogan - Mohamed Askari - Said Anzali - Klaus Dengler - Nico Stempinski - Andreas Scheumann - Thorsten Lieder - Loten Namling -
Gamini Nowak - Jürgen Winkler - Shannon Stone - Fawsy Kamash - Ruhi Giahchi - Martin Spranger + - Nemat Darman + - Jürgen Saupe+

Intransit Project Management :
Reiner Rohde - project manager, organisation --- Jörn Räuber - management studio recording, technical organisation.
Jörn Räuber, Reiner Rohde - music -mixing up --- Jörn Räuber, Reiner Rohde - making off, menue DVD
Mediamanagement, Internet -Website : Rolf Neubauer "best friend"
Intransit Booklet : Reiner Rohde booklet & Uwe Deutschmann - booklet, technical support
Intransit Film: Reiner Rohde- intransit filmorganisation, contacts musicians --- Jörn Räuber - recording sections of intransit film -sounds
Thorsten Lieder - filmdirector, interviews, regie, recording, cut

This project is dedicated to the power of music, for fun friends and family, thanks to anyone who joined in, feel joy while you look and listen

OM Saraswati